What is Nurse’s Touch?

Nurse’s Touch is an exclusive online nurse-development product line designed to help students sharpen the professional and interpersonal skills needed to face the emotional and physical demands that come with being a nurse.

Content Area Packages

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Professional Communication

  • Types of Communication
  • Therapeutic/Non-therapeutic Communication
  • Factors That Affect Communication With Individuals and Groups
  • Organizational Communication
  • Client Education
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Wellness & Self-care for Nurses

Wellness & Self-care for Nurses

  • Wellness, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Stress: Causes, Effects and Management
  • Self-care—Eating Healthy and Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • Self-care—Physical Activity
  • Self-care—Rest and Sleep
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Becoming A Professional Nurse

Becoming A Professional Nurse

  • Profession and Professional Identity
  • Professional Nursing Practice
  • Professional Behaviors in Nursing
  • Socialization into Professional Nursing
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Nursing Informatics & Technology

  • Informatics
  • Information Management Systems
  • Literacy Skills and Consumer Educational Needs
  • Virtual Social Networks
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Leadership & Management

  • Teamwork
  • Delegation
  • Supervision
  • Quality Improvement
  • Conflict and Conflict Resolution
  • Risk Assessment
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